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13 November 2018


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Pam Donaldson

I can see your problem. I fear that all our digital stuff - and that means so much that's significant - will vanish in time. Argh. Must do something about mine.


I had the same email from them; it seems they are doing what Photobucket did some time back. I was going to delete some but then I realised that the originals are all on my laptop or memory stick so why was I bothering?

It was so good to see your boys again though!


I haven't dared go look yet. I haven't posted there for years but not sure I can quite let them go. On a similar note, I worry for my cloud. It must be getting so heavy, I keep sending things up there and I'm entirely hostage to it now. Like the very worst sort of attic, full of dusty corners and unopened boxes!

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