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08 February 2017


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Funnily enough I'd come across the word tsundoku before I saw your ig post -recently, not sure where -internet obvs. It must be having its moment.

I'm a huge fan of delicious too. Who isn't?


I agree with you! I love that Japanese word but I expect I shall forget it before I want to use it...


Tsundoku... what a great word. I'd never thought about it before but I'm with you on 'wish' for the most part, but like the idea of wishing on behalf of others


must remember this word!

... it's delicious... (see what I've done here?)

The Coffee Lady

Mmm. Digestive biscuits...

Jo Kneale

I am well guilty of a tsundoku of books. But I love the irrational hatred of such a wishy washy word as wish.

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