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02 January 2017


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Thank you for the link to the yoga programme. Like you I did yoga in my late teens and early twenties and then gave up when the boys were small. I've tries a couple of classes since but nothing felt right but I was thinking it was something I would like to try again. I could certainly do with some stretching!

Anna King

By strange coincidence I did my first session with this online teacher this morning. My yoga is to help my stiffening 45year old body and improve the kayaking I took up 2 years ago. Great minds eh!


Thanks for mentioning my blog! I think doing yoga at home with an online course is a great solution for busy lives. I am looking forward to getting more flexible in 2017 and hopefully this will allow me to play more tennis and worry less about possible injuries.


What an inspiring post. You have reminded me that I used to do a little yoga as well. I hope you enjoy the programme and that it helps your tennis.


I so much enjoyed this post. A full circle. Good for you. And as I always tell my son, Google it! You can find anything and everything there so use it!


oh the gym bunnies... I had to start going to the gym at 7.15 because the 9.00 class is full of 'gate mum' in make up and colourful lycra. Geesh. At least if I go early nobody expects much... I'm sure we all work out if our eyes closed anyway!

Fancy a meeting sometime?


I need to work on relaxing my face and you've reminded me of the steps.
I thank you!

The Coffee Lady

I've been doing Yoga with Adriene for a while now, she's great. I'm a few days behind with the Revolution programme because of, well, work and kids and mum and life, but her January stuff gets better every year.

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