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14 January 2016


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How did you know I was sniggering?

You've reminded me that I'm approaching another blog anniversary and that yes, it is an enjoyable hobby that I need to nurture.

Fabulous to read a post from you Ali.


Yay! Welcome back ... we were wondering if you were still in the bath ...


I'm not sure I managed many more than 7 and I certainly didn't play any tennis, but yes, more blogging! hurray x


Whatever makes you happy, it's absolutely fine with me. Nice to read you.

Amy at love made my home

As long as you enjoy any hobby it doesn't matter how often you "do" it, but it would be lovely to see you here some more during the year if you can get by! Hope that your tennis goals go well! xx


And good for us who enjoy reading too! Xx


So wonderful to see you! I've really missed you while you've been away! I was actually just about to give away my tennis kit as I was thinking I was too old to learn properly now... xx


Sounds like a great mantra to me! Great to see you in this space again x


Looking forward to it!


So glad you're back! You've been missed. I didn't blog all that much last year either. I had some big projects that took up much of my creative energy. But I miss the community when I stay away too long.

I played tennis when I was young and loved it. I've thought about taking it up again, but I wonder if my 52-year-old knees could take the strain. I'm glad you've found something you've gotten so much enjoyment out of!



... I wasn't sniggering (much) honest!!...

Ok that's good, you're still among us... I like that.


I didn't even have the tennis excuse! 2015 was definitely the year I neglected my blog. Welcome back! I've definitely missed this blogging lark.


Oh good! I'm glad you're back.


So glad that you're back. It's great to read your blog again

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