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26 January 2016


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Alice C

Congratulations! You can be my New Job Twin because I start on Monday too. Bring it on.

Jo Kneale

Ooh! Good luck with the new job x


ooh exciting! (hope you still have time for tennis !)

very jealous of that sky. it was grey here x


Ooh tantalizing...can't wait to learn more, and good luck! This makes three nice blog ladies with new jobs this week...what can it all mean? Have fun! xx

Amy at love made my home

Hope that all goes well for your new job! xx

Vintage Jane

What a fabulous sky. Good luck with the job ...


Hope the job goes well! I love when we get skies like that!


Congratulations on the new job! How exciting! xx


Wishing you the best of luck with your new venture. Exciting times ahead.

Pam (Isabelle)

Goodness! Welcome back. And good luck with the job (not that, I'm sure, you need luck. I imagine you have skills).


Lovely colours, there's something comforting when you share a feeling with yoru friends. In that moment, all together, yet far away. All the best for your new job adventure.


soooo.... I need details about the job. Do you have time to meet? at all?
Can I pretend to be a business interest and meet you for lunch in a posh place?

The Coffee Lady

I need to know MORE. Like NOW.

Handmade in Israel

Breathtaking! Such amazing colour!

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