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02 June 2015


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oh dear.................. x


I feel for you. We had a similar evening some years ago now, when the children were younger. My then 2 year old woke sometime during the evening, took himself off to to the loo, filled the basin to wash his hands and returned to bed. Only problem was he'd left the plug in the basin and the taps running...
Oh and did I mention we were staying with friends at the time!?

Angel Jem

But at least the kitchen floor got cleaned......

I love that line. You Pollyanna! (and that's a compliment coming from me!)

Thomasina Tittlemouse

This made me laugh out loud Ali - it's the teenage chutzpah of boldly arguing a case that for the rest of us wouldn't stand a cat in hell's chance that had such a ring of familiarity and did it for me! H seems to be able to argue any case, however slim the supporting evidence or argument! i am just so glad it's not just us on the receiving end of being labelled "the unreasonable parents who can't quite grasp the finer minutiae of whatever situation it is that simply isn''t and can't be (via logic, imagination or sheer sorcery) his fault!" I sympathise very considerably and the clearing up after these kinds of episode is wearisomely extensive. One day, tell yourself, he may have offspring himself armed and dangerous with bath taps.....!! This is what I say to myself in similar circumstances anyway when driven to distraction! Have a peaceful and lovely evening, Ali! E xx

Amy at love made my home

Ohh!!! I don't know what the silver lining is in that one! That no worse damage was done perhaps! I hope that all will be OK. xx


I'm stealing your dinner menu. I'll pass on the overflowing bath although we have come pretty close to the same thing happening here.


France child will be gutted he missed out on this drama and I bet he will dine out on this for years! I agree with teenage son about the overflow situation- what is the point of it if it doesn't stop the flood?


Still keep looking for those silver linings!


Poor you, just when you needed that rest.


I'm not sure that it will ever be safe to relax and mine are in their twenties now. Plus I'm worrying about the next generation now. A nine month old is keeping me on red alert. I'm too old for this.


Oh Dear. I do hope that wasn't too expensive to fix - I certainly wouldn't have found it in the least bit funny. Very nice photo though.


oh gosh... what a nightmare... i hope he did the mopping....

(I'll never push my boys for a bath ever again.. showers from now on!)

Pam (Isabelle)

Argh. I hope it's now a distant memory...

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