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30 April 2015


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Not that I don't love the orange Cat, but happy to see new posts! Perhaps I, too, shall post a new blurb on my spiderwebby blog this weekend!


absolutely get a mum shed.


Definitely a Mum shed, you could decorate it in the most fanciful fashion if you so wish.

Avril Horn

Great post. I think there is a need for places where teenage boys can swing axes, picks and sledgehammers!


Oh dear, these moments are bittersweet aren't they. You definitely need a mum shed. John Lewis have the most gorgeous one, I go and sigh over if I'm ever passing. You deserve it. CJ xx


Oh, you definitely need a little studio of your own where you can ignore the hoover and the ironing.
Happy sledge-hamming weekend to you Ax


It has to be a mum shed! Claim that corner for yourself and leave the house to the kids!


What a lovely post. I vote for a mum shed too!!!


We did the same with Minx's beautiful Wendy House, made by Grandpa, a couple of years back and I miss it's pretty blue and cream presence in the corner of the garden.

I'm aiming for a sewing shed so, to me, a Mom Shed sounds like a perfect solution to your empty corner.

Also, well done on the sledgehammer thing. We've forced our two grumpy teens to help shift loads of earth from the end of the garden to the new raised beds recently and pick-axe tuition has been a real highlight for them :)


Amy at love made my home

Mum shed for sure!!! xx


I was thinking about a hot tub O__O


a mum shed definitely, no question, it needs flowery curtains and possibly even a nice shade of girly paint too!


Love the bit about half seven bedtimes! There are times when I miss those days... And a 'mum shed' for sure - absolutely no question about it!


Mum-shed! Mum-shed! Mum-shed!!!

Angel Jem

Mum shed. Definitely. Don't even think of anything else.


And post lots of pictures of yours so that I can enjoy the idea without the work.


Oh mum shed sounds like a fab idea. But a big garden might be cheaper. 😉


Oops. I meant a bog garden might be cheaper. 😃


Yes! A mum shed! That looks like a perfect corner for a little escape-space.


oh yes! a mum space...

what a great idea... although I don't think that you'll feet your current obsession in the space... need I say more?

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