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20 January 2015


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Husband pleasing marmalade eh? I had a freezing walk to my pilates class, flailed about on my exercise mat not doing pilates properly for an hour, inexplicably won the weekly prize (a mini tube of lovehearts, which I don't like) -must have been my turn, had a warmer walk back because of the flailing around, and have been sat on my arse drinking coffee since. Oh and I made some bread.


I drove nearly to Scotland, sat in a cafe with speechless mostly Lynn and then drove back.

My cat went to the door, looked at the ice and came back in.....

Lucy Ffrench

I went to work! Soooo jealous of a cosy marmalade-making session, Ali. Also missing the opportunity to suggest a coffee meet-up with you...

Lots of love, L x


Ha! What Tess said. Except that I drove *from* icy Scotland. And then post-Tess, I discovered I had a parking ticket and got so cross that I required a long walk along the sea. As you do.

(Yummy yummy-looking marmalade.)


Bread pudding making and Radio 4. I'm laughing about the cat trying to be cool and pretending he didn't slip.

Amy at love made my home

This sounds like an amazing way to spend a wintery day! xx


I started with a Pilates class, then went straight to a painting class followed by an afternoon of me teaching an embroidery class. I think I would have rather made marmalade.

Ali Whale

I went to work, did a 30 minute walk at lunchtime in freezing air and felt completely knackered on my return. Drank coffee and then knitted and nattered in the evening. Can we swap (although I've never made marmalade)?


And I did my Company Accounts, not at all nice!

Candy Pop

It's so cold and now I'm craving orange marmalade!

(Thanks for visiting my blog!)


Just caught up after quite some time. It's always a pleasure to come visit you. And congrats on your weight loss!

Annie @ knitsofacto

What did I do? I haven't got a clue, it was eleven days ago, but it was fun reading about everyone else's day.


Our cat has been avoiding the outside as much as possible, and her favourite thing to do is to hole up in a freshly vacated human bed whilst we all brave the frosty walk to school each morning. Looks like your cat is an aspiring stylist like ours, guaranteed to come and appraise an artfully staged photo.


Beautiful orange-full photos! Sounds like a lovely day. Your blog is delightful!


(Missing you Ali. Just saying xx)

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