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15 January 2015


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Wow, you've sold it to me as well, I could stand to lose a little weight. Who knew the humble banana had such superpowers. It just so happens I have one or two lurking in the fruit bowl. I shall commandeer one tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. CJ xx


Wonderful! More ritual and less duty and a great outcome sounds just right.


That's a big difference for a small change. I feel deprived if a banana doesn't feature in my breakfast somewhere. Usually on porridge or like you, with yoghurt and other fruit... But it is rather good with peanut butter on toast.

Ali Whale

Gosh, that is interesting. I'm not one for fruit, but I've always liked a banana - and I like natural yogurt. I'm currently eating porridge for breakfast with a swirl of honey and some soya milk over the top to cool it so I can eat it. Maybe I'll give the banana breakfast a go, not to lose weight necessarily but just to make a change.


I seldom eat before midday and usually I eat a small piece of toast with butter and Marmite on it and rarely, very rarely eat yoghurt or bananas. Interesting about Tim's yoghurt, I have never heard of it before but it is made in the county that is my home! I clearly do the shopping with my eyes closed...

Good news on the weight loss.

Magic Bean

Blimey missus, that is good going. All praise to the comedy fruit. Shame I really don't like them as my middle could definitely do with a bit of attention...


good grief. you must be eating bananas with magic powers. or it could be all the tennis?

french knots

I wish I liked them.Such a transportable fruit good with lots of other foods.. but erugh can't stand them. But two stone is not to be sniffed at, I should take up tennis if I can't take up bananas.

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