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01 January 2015


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Happy New Year Ali. Glad we managed to meet up in 2014. Hope it happens again this year. I'm looking at your 2014 nosh wistfully x

just Gai

On the basis of those photographs I'd say last year was a good one. Happy New Year!


Wishing you another year of good food, good friends and other lovely things Ali.


Looks like it was a pretty good year. I wishing you and yours much happiness for 2015. CJ xx


wishing you a tasty and delicious 2015 Ali x

Amy at love made my home

I hope that 2015 will be a measurably good year for you! xx


Happy New Year Ali. You did much better than me in the good food department.


It seems to me that you had a very good year. I wish you similar this year.


You are right, other adjectives to describe years are definitely called for. I will say my 2014 was also yummy. Also busy (because taxi driver is not an adjective).

UK lass in US

Happy New Year!

Much to my husband's disappointment, I made no such resolution.


mmm, looks like it was a delicious year x

Annie @ knitsofacto

Happy New Year! And may 2015 be as tasty.

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