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10 December 2014


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Why has your post only just popped up on my blogroll when it is six days old? I don't trust that blogroll, I fear I may be missing things.

This weather station thingy sounds like something my husband would like. It might stop him complaining about the bbc weather app which consistently has different weather from not only the bbc weather website but from the actual weather. I'll make do with looking out the window.


How odd, as Sue says, about this just appearing now. I am a little weather obsessed but simply because I need there to be no cloud cover when the ISS is due to pass over my house.


I like the idea of the flashing green frosty car warning, it would be especially good for those mornings when I've forgotten to put the car blanket on.
so is tennis like golf, do you play with different coloured balls in the snow?


don't try to fool us... you're only interested in tennis weather...

we need to talk!

Magic Bean

Belated reading here. Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and all weather watching has been precise and interesting. I like it when the seasons behave and have the appropriate and correct weather. I was quite disappointed that the snow missed us last night. Ax

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