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03 November 2014


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Hooray for revisiting old haunts :) x

Amy at love made my home

Glad you had a nice time. I hope that you are feeling refreshed. xx


Autumn walks are the best even when longer legs render them shorter than they used to be. Glad the change of pace came at the right time xxx


Will you look at the length of those legs?! Enjoy the rest of autumn.


so funny when they play on things you used to visit and now it makes the children seem like giants, it happened to us last week.

Magic Bean

Some of us still have short legs in this house so walks take the same amount of time as they always did...


We too have so many good memories of balancing on that branch. It seems to be getting shorter over the years doesn't it? I have photos of our boys balancing on it seeming as though they are floating in thin air as the hill falls away behind them.

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