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17 November 2014


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Jennifer Hill

Always fancied having a go at papercutting. Looks like lots of fun. Especially Christmassy ones ;) Jen


We have The Calendar which rules our lives in a similar way to your diary. I know what you mean about those last few weeks of the year. Your paper cutting is fantastic, I especially like the framed one. Well done you, and well done for having a day for yourself, it is no doubt very well deserved. CJ xx


Beautiful post. The writing took us there. Just for a minute we went to that calm place with you. Inspired me to have a go at paper cutting, though at home. Just this week getting into 'flow', discussing it in my thesis, about learning in museums. Thanks for sharing.


I very much enjoyed reading this, and for a few fleeting moments, it made me feel calm too.

I am very taken with both your pieces. I could see a home for something similar in my house ...


PS The diary rules in our house too, but sadly the only one my other half will look at is a google one. It does make some sense to have an instantly accessible, up-to-date calendar, but I struggle to get into the habit of actually checking it.

Ali Whale

I love the concept of flow and think that maybe I ought to look for something that will allow me to experience it once again, because I think I have been there before but not for a while.
A day totally to yourself to immerse yourself in something for you with all else taken care of is a calming thing in itself. Everyone should be allowed a day a month like this.... oh hang on that's every day for my daughter...!


I love the paper cut on the doily Ali, absolutely beautiful.


Well done for having the discipline to adhere to the diary and for achieving a good outcome.


putting something in the diary that is just for you is Very Wise. looks like a lovely day you had. I somehow have to squeeze in two birthdays into the diary very soon, including a 16th! how did that happen.....


I love these so much. I've always been a bit scared of papercutting but you have inspired me to give it a go. What's a lost finger here or there in the pursuit of craft?



Magic Bean

I am also having slight panic attacks about the time/amount of things to be done/pages left equation. Next Friday is a real teaser...
I am going to have to fess up- I will be copying your doily paper cut- it is gorgeous. As with your garland last year tho', on first read I thought it said Ali Is Calm.
So glad your day was inspiring, Ax


I've also discovered a love for papercutting this year. It's wonderfully relaxing, isn't it?

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