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15 October 2014


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Oh.... and I was planning a post on the joys of autumn. Sounds like it will be wasted on you. I prescribe chocolate and alcohol.


Thank you, at last someone who is not utterly thrilled with autumn. I have a huge whining post in my head about all the damp and rotting and decay and cold and IT HAS TO COME OUT. I feel I have permission to say it all now. And permission to eat as well. Thank you. CJ xx


Well, you could make a winter visit to Scotland. It won't be any less wintry (HA, that's for sure!), but it could be fun...

(Cheese AND bread and sugar and fried food give me acne face. At age 51. Ugh.)


Ugh. Hate being in that place. If I could, I would send you some of my Spring, but I am afraid I am overly enthusiastic about it's joyful joyness at the moment, which is likely to just make things worse. At least there is cake.

The Coffee Lady

Can you not play tennis inside?


I find your post oddly reassuring, because I feel like that every year. Spring is great, Summer is fantastic, but I'm not much of a winter person. :/


maybe you could learn to play squash? until it's spring again.....


Autumn is the in between; neither one thing nor the other. That is enough to unsettle anyone. Acne is the eternal curse. For me, it's wine, especially champagne, that is the culprit.


Oh, it is my favourite time of year. How sad that you feel that way about it. Time to make delicious vegetable soups.

Amy at love made my home

Hunker down and just go with it! xx

Angel Jem

Must eat cake..... Love it. Does your mood improve or dissipate further with Christmas?


So winter might drive you indoors, but imagine this: I am in Australia and soon, in the peak of my summer it will be so stinking hot that I will be imprisoned by the heat. In 45c you really can't do anything, except 'survive' and live indoors. Personally I hate the cold, but at least in the dead of winter you can warm yourself up and be creative.


I have vowed to never gel again.
Hope the autumnal funk funks off soon and you can enjoy the autumnal in all it's glory. How about setting another Compound Word Week to take your mind off things...?


Autumn definitely brings on nibbliness and I'm sure it's completely natural to be craving cake at this time of year, it's just your inner doormouse surfacing! Hope you found cake and are settling into the shorter days. I usually like autumn but it does seem to have arrived a bit too quickly this year!

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