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23 September 2014


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I love your fancy pegs, particularly the two-tone ones!
Hubby bought a cross-trainer a while back; midlife crisis too, perhaps?

Thomasina Tittlemouse

I absolutely loved reading this Ali because it felt so familiar and I completely get the whole clothes peg thing. I am afraid to say I too have a whole system for my clothes peg use. Like you, I have a mixed bag of assorted colours and types of peg acquired over the years which you'd think I could just use as they came to hand but not a bit of it - pegs can only be used in pairings with fellow pegs of the same type and no two (or more) pegs of the same colour must be used on the same garment (or next to one another on the line)! More sensibly, obviously some pegs are more suitable for some items than others but sadly this is an inferior consideration! I know, the men in white coast will be calling shortly! Especially as this habit of mine extends to re-pegging items to conform to the system if someone else has pegged stuff out without observing "the rules"!! Mornington Crescent has nothing on it!! Your blackbird pegs are wonderful! And of course they must be interspersed by leaves and twigs! Enjoy every moment of your domestic day! E xx

rusty duck

I love the blackbird pegs. Especially if they do double duty and keep the birds off. The blackbirds around here use my washing for target practice.



My domestic lunacy is not confined to pegs (they must be wooden) but also to the way items are pegged on the line. Getting others to hang a load of washing is not timesaving if you then have to rehang it all correctly. In fact pegging out is a subject for an entire blogpost.

By the way, a rowing machine is infinitely preferable to a motorbike when it comes to mid-life crises.

Avril Horn

Ah pegging out ( of clothes, not of people), a topic of many varied threads. I knew I had reached middle age when I had a 20 minute conversation about whether I hung out knickers and pants like kippers ( single peg) or like flounders ( two pegs). And I recall much hilarity when my friends and I realised how long we had spent on that topic!

Amy at love made my home

I love your blackbird pegs!! I think that I would be playing all sorts of silly pegging out games with those if I had them. I have a mix of the old wooden ones - with the spring, not old enough to be the dolly kind - and plastic soft touch type ones I got a few years ago when the wooden ones started to die. I did have some of the plastic ones that break, but I turfed them out! What I really need are some really big fat pegs for bulky things! I hope that your hubby likes his present and that you like hanging the ironing from it! Well done you for weighing less than your hubby as I assume that means that an exercise plan has been in place, so well done you!! xx


Wonderful pegs. I'm a bit obsessive about having the right pegs too. I stock up whenever I see the "right" ones. The thing with ironing is you need to completely stop doing it. Just shake the stuff well when you take it out of the machine and fold it/hang it nicely when it's dry. Tell people you are doing it because you're environmentally friendly and you can totally get away with it. Ask me how I know. CJ xx


I thought I was alone! I too HAVE to have two of the same pegs and they must coordinate with the item but i also take perverse pleasure in hanging my husbands and sons clothes with pink pegs. Once when i was out for the day, my daughter emailed me a photo of a rotary line full of non matching, randomly selected pegs. Torture!


Domestic lunacy is good Ali and makes all the mind-numbingly boring chores a little more fun - it's also always nice to know that others share your foibles! We once had an exercise bike that made a very useful clothes hanger.


I have bird pegs. they are too nice for outside. I hang things on string in my study


I hadn't realised that your pegs issues went so deep....


I have a friend who does colour co-ordinates the pegs and the clothes...


I have never thought about pegs. Well, up till now.

Happily - though I am far from thin - my husband has never weighed less than me. True, he's nearly a foot taller, so it would be very upsetting if he did...


My pega are all white and all the same.
And boy do I hear you Sue.
Other than pegs I have an infinity of issues with my home ...

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