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27 August 2014


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Ali, that looks amazing! Would love to hear all about it. I have big prints of some of our fave trips up on the walls to remind me... but sometimes I want to snap my fingers and return there, too!


Sounds like you need an outing. When are they back at school?

I love the orange highlights against all that blue in your collage.

Amy at love made my home

I'm glad that you made it as it sounds and looks as though you had a great time!!! xx


Looks fabulous! And I see you got some tennis in too! Very intrigued by the octopus salad... xx

Vintage Jane

Looks wonderful! I am defintely suffering with post holiday blues too ...


Sounds like an absolutely wonderful time. Coming back is ghastly isn't it. But give it a week or two and all will be well. So glad you had such a brilliant holiday. CJ xx


Looks fantastic! Grey skies can't compete with those colours. Diktynna x


looks fantastic. loving those blue skies x


Oh those post holiday blues. Mine start coming Monday. Yikes.

Your son incredibly handsome, by the way. x


It seems that you had a marvellous time - you probably need a holiday now...


Looks amazing!
We only went to Porthleven but coming home and going uniform shopping certainly brings you back down to earth with a bump.
Hope the blues pass quickly!

Ali Whale

I think we got caught out with that motorway closure as well, stress level off the scale. I think coming home after an activity filled holiday is almost worse than a 'doing nothing' holiday as the days at home seem long and full of hideous post holiday jobs like washing and ironing and nothing that is even slightly fun.
Hope it passes soon.....

Alice C

What amazing holiday photos.

Now you know that every hour of tennis is an investment for your next holiday you can be even more committed.


What a beautiful boy! He'll break hearts.


Bright colours and a gorgeous boys.


oh good, I'm glad you had fun... (you didn't mention tennis though... don't you think you're fooling me, young lady!).

So the place is worth checking out?

See you soon.


ok, I've just seen the photo... doh. Paracetamol induced fog. I feel like... &*^%... sorry.


Looks like a great holiday. Now I feel guilty, because we have a lot of those things at our disposal here, but I don't take full advantage of them. I think I only took the kids to the beach 4 times this summer. Maybe I'll drag myself to the beach this weekend.


That looks like an amazing holiday. Anything involving the sea is great in my book. It's a bit nippy here today, and here I was lulled into thinking we were going to have some kind of Indian summer. Roll on proper Autumn, I'm not at all sure about this in-between bit.

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