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15 July 2014


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What a lovely read.
Another person with a growing tennis obsession here - just joined the local club and loving it.
Is 'in-one-ear-out-the-other' part of the husband job description, coz I've got one of those too (plus children who don't seem to listen to my answers). All the best there xxx


For what it's worth; I think a blog allows us all a sort of window of us-ness. So your blog is a little bit of you-ness, away from the stresses and strains of everyday graft, duties and commitments. I've been reading your you-ness for a long time - you're very good at it. x


Oh Kitty has put it very well, yes, your you-ness is so good, so not like anyone else. This has been my favourite of these why-I-write-blog-hop things.

And now I am going to go through my entire blog and check I haven't begun any posts with I. I know I have.

By the way, in your opening paragraph, you have an error..... xx


I'm not sure I've got funny stories nor do I violently disagree with you but I know I always enjoy coming here to read because I enjoy your individual style. I hope you keep on writing Ali... In between perfecting that forehand.


If I met you in real life, I'd listen because yours is one of the few blogs I always make time to check up on though I rarely comment (a time thing perhaps but now I will). So much of what you said resonates and I love flowers and am having tennis lessons (just need to find time to practise what I'm learning).

Oh and I didn't notice the error Sue found so I had to look again. I hate errors too but I'm not sure what it is.....is it starting the sentence with Which? :-)

Amy at love made my home

I don't suppose that we will be worried about your opening remarks!! It is funny about the laptop and so on, you just have to have things "right" though don't you! xx

niki thomas

Have missed your posts.
Keep writing, you're good at it.


I'm so glad you decided to do the blog hop, I've really enjoyed reading your post. I'm a big fan of making words up, one of these days I need to teach the children which ones are actually not real words... As to your first paragraphs, well, I always find all of your paragraphs excellent. Yours has always been a favourite blog of mine to read. Keep up the good work! CJ xx


I might not have been commenting much, but I've never stopped listening :) Tennis lessons are on my list of things to do before my next big birthday, but the tennis ladies of Teddington are very intimidating--as are the children, who, I'm convinced, are already much more adept than I'll ever be! xx

Ali Whale

I like your blog a lot. It is a bit different but I'm not sure why. Thanks for the flowers...randomly lovely!


Just flicked through Wordpress Reader and of the six blogs waiting to be read, five of them have "I" as the first word!

Sometimes I wonder why I write a blog and suspect that it's for the same reason as you do - don't know why I couldn't have worked that out for myself.
Pretty flowers.


As always Ali you find the perfect words to express many of the things that too often go unsaid about blogging. Your posts are always thought provoking and always make me smile and I usually go away with a lovely sense of reassurance because you write about real life with it's crusty yoghurt pots and that makes me feel a bit less guilty about the messiness of my own little patch x


So much of this resonates with me, Ali!

My online friends that I've met through my blog get my you-ness (great phrase, Kitty!), whereas many people I know here at home don't get me.

One friend, in particular is just as you described - using my snippets in a conversation as a chance to catch breath before she continues giving me every single (sometimes gory) detail of her life :/

I know this, as every time I finish talking her next sentence starts with 'aaannyway, I...'!

Also good to know I'm in good company with the going back and re-reading before I hit 'publish post'. I've been known to go back into a post numerous times and edit if there's a typo or full-stop I've missed.

Good luck with the tennis, that's a most impressive new addiction to have :)


Hi, I like your blog, so I guess I like you. A nice balance of life stories without it being "all about me, wonderful me!".

rusty duck

Someone told me once the trick is to write the body of the post first and the opening paragraph last. Not that I've ever tried it..
Thank you for the flowers. Lovely.


I have friends like that - they are good people, and if you ever manage to get through to them sufficiently forcefully to ask, they'd give you the coat off their backs.... But in a casual conversation, say anything other than "And what did you do then ?", and their eyes glaze over. My view is, when I blog, at least I do not have to watch the glaze descending, and sometimes that's enough. Even better, though, is an indication that someone did read, that you were heard. I heard you - you came through loud and clear. Keep it coming.

Alice C

I've missed your writing - it has an straightforward honesty I admire very much and would not be able to achieve in my own blog.


I knew this would be a wonderful post. x


Beautifully written (am not sure if I found Sue's error!) and so very well said. There is a lot of 'me, me, me' around and it made me think whether I listen as much as I should - I know I babble on quite a bit - but your blog is lovely and I enjoy reading your words. Keep going with that tennis!


"The big computer" made me smile. We often have a scuffle on the doorstep here in an effort to "go on the big one first".


Thanks for the flowers :) Glad you are back x


If your forehand is as good as the writing... You'll be just fine!!

Caroline Buckland

I got the tennis bug 9 years ago…. It gets worse! Have weaned myself back to 1-2 times a week over the last few years, but I could tip back over the edge at any time!

Thanks for your posts, really enjoy reading them


This is a huge thank you. I read this post during a personal pity party - lol - I too have friends who say after a two hour monologue they enoyed "our" (??)chat! So I have read through your archives and feel much cheerier and back in crafting mode - than you 😊


Oops last bit should say thank you!!


These 'why I write' posts have been so interesting. And I love the way you think, Ali. Glad to see you are still on it :)


I wish you could know that yours is one of my very favorite blogs to read. Manys the time I've tried to comment, but without logging


So lovely to see that you are still here! I'm trying to get back into the swing of it, and I found a lovely comment from you on an old blog of mine (Flibbertygibbet) from way back when... I'm sure that people are still listening, in real life, and we are still reading... x

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