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01 June 2014


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rusty duck

Oh dear. I think I would be vibrating a lot too..


Am reminded of when I was about three and would gnaw on dog biscuits. They weren't half bad.


looks like you've had a busy and active month Ali. I don't like the sound of your vibrating wrist thingy though - it would be constantly telling me off and making me feel guilty!


oh dear. I have had days when my trainers look like that...... looks like a fun month, what a thrill for Mark, and I feel your revision pain, the only way I can convince the girl to do it is when she goes on bbc bitesize.....


Sue, were they those multi- coloured dog bisuits? Shapes? I used to eat those when we went to my grandma's... They were her dog's, not what she gave us for tea.
Bit of luck they were doughnut peaches not peach doughnuts or it would have been a different weight story altogether. Ax


Well done you on the weight loss. I need to lose some serious poundage this month to fit into a dress. How late do you think I can leave it..? Lots of scooting and a bit of skateboarding round here too, and many, many bruises. Have a good week Ali. CJ xx


Haha! What a disappointment to discover they were dog chews! My sister sent me biltong from SA before you could get here. I eagerly anticipated for ages as she had sent it surface mail but wrapped in plastic so I opened a bag of mould:-(

Gardening novice question- what are the lovely blossoms?

Also,trying to lose the pounds. Success during the week and then it goes to pot at the weekend. Great pics -I love iPhone photography. So handy.

Have a great June.

Candy Pop

I laughed about the dog chews! And running in the bog - good for you!

Happy June!


Oh dear, I've wrecked more than one pair of trainers running in the bog...

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