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13 May 2014


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Thomasina Tittlemouse

What a good idea, Ali! I think I might copy this. I seem to squirrel away lots of similar bits of paper inside recipe books which then get forgotten and never used. I keep thinking I will file them properly but never do - your idea is a brilliant way of capitalising on their mobility! Thank you! And the fish finger sandwich sounds yummy! Might just start with that! E x

Jen aka The Mad House

I do this, but with a pinterest board and we all sit at the weekend thinking about what we are going to include in the meal plan this coming week. FIsh finger sandwiches are a much loved pre football meal in this house!


I'm finding my Pinterest food boards to be a great source of ideas too, in fact I think there's a fish finger sandwich on one of them.


I have a similar bundle, similarly neglected and hardly used. This is virtue


I'm thinking that a fish finger sandwich could solve my supper problem this evening. It sounds delicious.


I am most intrigued by the up band.

The Coffee Lady

I've been doing a similar thing with Springpad. BECAUSE I ONLY EXIST IN THE CLOUD.


Inspiring Ali. xx


I always say you can't beat a fish finger sarnie :)

Candy Pop

I've created a list of meals I like to cook / eat, so when I return from work uninspired and hungry I have something to help me!


Fish finger sandwiches went down great here after seeing them on a foodie blog - they have been requested by my husband when asked what to add to Junes meal list :)


Fish finger sandwiches you say? Hmmmm. I could do that.

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