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28 April 2014


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Amy at love made my home

I can imagine lots of trepidation with this project, but it looks as though the results are great! xx

Rachel L

Looks fabulous!


It came out really well, nice job!


I'm looking forward to seeing your sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth etc.


Wow! That's a fantastic moon! I think I'd even like to make one LOL!


love it!


Now you need to make the rest of the solar system and get a whole load of kids in to orbit around.

Magic Bean

Is he in Y5?? SmallBean had a space project to do over the hols and similar scenarios have happened here in the past. Their project could be done in any media so he did a PowerPoint on... The Moon! (I was secretly hoping he'd make MoonCake.) So glad it was all smooth sailing for you both.
Tudors this term? How about a model of Hampton Court Palace made with matchsticks? Or a maze grown from cress...?

Ali Whale

Oh I know exactly what you mean, especially that cycle of talking about it, arguing about it and then not saying anything until just before they return to school when it is mentioned and then completed, exactly as you say...with bad grace. I feel like you have been in my house with me and my daughter and the science homework, although you didn't mention the tears and the books launched across the room.
It is reassuring to know that a project can work and be positive, I await that day.


That is one serious moon! Awesome!!

( we had a 'holiday' project too... but ours was on New York... our field experience was pretty cool!!)


Err thats how homework works in our household nearly every week! But am loving how yours turned out!


That moon is gorgeous! My kids' school don't give projects or homework for the holidays thank goodness - I'd lose the will to live. Though the Boy did announce on Easter Sunday that he had an invention project due in 'after the holidays' (they went back on the Tuesday). Luckily it turned out to be due on the Friday so not so bad but if I'd known I'd have nagged him to do it at the start of the Easter break. Not that I've got a leg to stand on, having a long history of procrastination meself...

UK lass in US

That looks amazing! I just wish that these projects came with, oh, about 12 month's warning...


Well done! I don't recall having to do things like that when my daughter was at school, thank goodness.

Sew Create It - Jane

Lol... Nope the same in this house... We had one last year on the theme of river and mountains... If you ever need a 3d model of Niagara falls give me a call.. I have one the loft!

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