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02 March 2014


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I know, it's bloody freezing and miserable here today.


It was utterly blissful yesterday wasn't it. And today I have a houseful of muddy clothes and sodden football boots. Must be March. Beautiful photos, that sky...


It is miserable today but there was definitely a feeling of spring in the air yesterday. And there has been birdsong first thing... things can only get better!


The relief. I don't really have the words

rusty duck

What a difference a day makes.

The Coffee Lady

I hate this time of year. Specifically, the days in early Spring when bloggers from the South of England rub my nose into the fact that my Northern garden is cold, rainy and inapproachable, much like the weather.

Magic Bean

Happy Spring to you. The birds are belting it out as I type...

lucy locket

We joined in the collective gardening on Saturday too!


after spending 3hrs of March 2nd on a freezing cold rugby pitch... I'm not holding my breath about spring!!

Vintage Jane

Yay, Spring gardening ... bring it on ...


spring is being very fickle here, but I'm taking what I can get x


Your photos are beautiful and much needed inspiration here. It's snowing as I type and everything is still white and wintery in my little corner of the world. Very pretty mitts!


I put washing out today because it was sunny, and now I've realised I haven't got it back in again. I'm not used yet to having to get washing in. It's now dark and cold out there and I don't know if I can be bothered to retrieve it. :-/

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