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31 March 2014


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I always enjoy spring, although I'm not a huge fan of lots of yellow flowers. There is something happy and energising about it. And those rare warm sunny days are blissful.


I have tonsillitis... Spring doesn't seem very positive right now! and the clock changing thing? urgh...

bah humbug... I know I know


I do so love your collages. And why have I never noticed the gray tabby before? It's always the orange kitty that I remember here.

rusty duck

Spring. All that budding and blooming. And the weather's improving. What's not to love?


Yes, I'd never quite realised but Spring is an optimistic season isn't it? Why I am not feeling the same is a mystery. Perhaps the holidays will sort me out and I will have a sudden burst of energy and motivation rather than just looking at all the things which need to be done and walking away...
That salad looks very good. But the cake looks better! Ax


spring is sulking here.


Spring is always my favourite season, until Autumn starts.

I don't recall that cake, I shall have to go looking for it!

a touch of domesticity

Is not not still March? Gosh I really am being dragged into April. I love April but I really can't get ahead of myself this week. That's what weekends are for but this weekend I just can't quite wake up and get cracking. Hurrumph.


I have to confess Autumn is my favourite season but Spring has its perks, there's all the rebirth, fresh everything, especially here where EVERYTHING (I needed CAPS LOCK) closes down for the long winter. Colours, flowers, fresh air, sun, the change in the sea. Yes, it's a nice one.


I have just found your lovely blog. What delicious photos! Would it be rude to ask what camera you use?

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