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25 March 2014


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French Knots

Put your wellies on and jump in a puddle x


I fear I am very mature. And crumbling. Like a stilton.


I was forced to be mature this morning, and take youngest child to A+E after he flung himself down the stairs, before I'd had my breakfast. or even dressed....
under these circumstances immaturity is a state to aspire to.

youngest fine - nothing broken, mild concussion.
me - somewhat frazzled. in need of tea.

Alice C

I try very hard not to eavesdrop. It normally makes me feel sad or cross. Maturity is when your fellow human beings can disappoint you in their lack of insight or compassion. On the flip side you can appreciate kindness and generosity more acutely so all is not lost.


My mother still feels too silly and immature to have children, and she's been a granny for ten years. I hope to attain that level of immaturity too :-). At the moment I'm mostly winging it without assessing my relative maturity. Also I'm dead nosey - why were you taking notes on Moffat and Williamson?


oh dear. Sad indeed.

I stick to the old Clarks shoes ad ... act your shoe size, not your age...


Maturity is overrated, I've found.

Amy at love made my home

I'm pretty sure that I am never going to be striving to be mature!! xx


pssssst - I think you are perfectly and wonderfully immature in the best possible sense.


I have still not grown up properly and would not like to be the same as some people I know who are fully mature.

The Coffee Lady

Is it immature to only take from this post: "Oooh. That looks like nice coffee froth"?

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