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08 March 2014


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I love the look of the rope bowl, and you did a nice job of it! A long time ago I made some bowls with rope wrapped in fabric strips, but I found it a little unwieldy to sew.


Oooh, I've not heard of creativebug......must investigate! I have some silver saltwaters, you'll love them. Never mind about wearing them...you could draw them!


Wonderful drawing, I was reading just the other day about how important hobbies are for mental wellbeing. The rope bowl is really good, I love how it's made. Hope you are enjoying being relaxed, have a good Sunday. CJ xx


oh I like the sound of those classes.

I've kept pussy willow twigs without water, mine lasted for years.


Ahhh, it sounds like spring is just peeking out in your corner of the world. Your bowl is very cool -- will there be more of them? And "packing tape transfers" sounds interesting -- I don't know what that is!


I need to declutter. Badly.
Never had a facial. Yup.
Love that rope bowl and design.


I love that rope bowl.

It's seriously beautiful. And I'm glad you got the mojo back!


That rope bowl is fabulous ... was it difficult?


I have pussy willow with no water, it does last although eventually the furry buds do start to ping off.

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