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23 February 2014


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That looks like a fab idea, I've totally sent the link to my hubby, he loves a good kickstarter project, and a good bit of camera kit! Thanks for sharing! x


Fantastic! I hope it's successful.


Wow -- an interesting concept to connect the camera to the strap at the bottom of the camera instead of the sides -- it looks very cool!

We have a similar program here in the States -- it's called Shark Tank and it's really fun to watch!


Thank you so much for the link. I was wrestling with my camera just the other day - in and out of bag — annoying; tried my pocket — too small; wore it round neck where it got tangled in my scarf and I kept thwacking it into stuff. Love this. Fingers crossed they get there.

Amy at love made my home

It sounds like an interesting idea, looking forward to hearing how things go! xx


I need one of those, so I hope it gets off the ground and makes a profit!


I didn't know the show ,I'll try finding it because it raised my interest.

French Knots

I know someone who was on Dragon's Den, the very thought makes me shudder!

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