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16 February 2014


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I understand why you bought the yarn, it's lovely! Can you share the pattern for your bag? I love the handle.


Oh cleverly done, and the yarns are lovely. I think you're right about creativity - when there's a problem to be solved, that's where the inspiration comes.


OH! Lovely!

Amy at love made my home

I am an impulse and planned yarn buyer - not sure that isn't actually a worse combination than just being an impulse buyer as you end up with even more! Your bag looks great though, and as you say, the stiffness is just what you want in a bag although I am sure that it will soften a little with use. It looks really great and proves that the occasional impulse buy is a good thing! xx

Vintage Jane

The colours in the yarn are beautiful ... just wish I could knit!


What a good thing you succumbed to temptation because those yarns together in the the finished bag look superb! Letting loose often has a happy outcome and leaves you wondering why we don't all do it more often. Enjoy your lovely bag x


oh its lovely - well done!


Beautiful! Well done on changing course. I'm really not good with choosing different things for my yarns yet. I try not to buy and have a yarn stash, but I was noticing the other day that it's getting a little bigger than I want it to be. Must nip it in the bud. Love that new bag!

The Coffee Lady

Well this is all very well, but it does not in any way justify the three or four lengths of fabric I have stashed away with no idea what to do with it.


lovely !


I like that, I really do. And I have various silly wool purchases kicking around at home. Sigh.


I love your bag and I have to confess I am an impulse yarn buyer x


Love your ingenuity with the two yarns - they're so different yet they've worked brilliantly together. And, thanks for the compliments about the shop - it's always a pleasure to see you. Would you mind if I show your bag and pop a link to your blog on our FB page?


gorgeous colour!! and well 'recycled'...

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