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18 February 2014


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I get it. My (only) son will be away for a week in early March, going to Kent with the school.
I've already walked all the street of the little town they'll stay in, seen all the shops around the house he'll be staying in.
I'm surprised I still haven't called the family hosting him.
But I have time ...

Vintage Jane

What a looker your little one is ... he's gorgeous!
I know the empty nest feeling ... I constantly go and potter in my son's bedroom when he is away!


10th birthday while away from the Mother Hen? Oh you get massively big brownie points and should use this over the next eight years whenever the teenage monster raises its head.

lucy locket

I hate that absent chick feeling! It is so unsettling. I agree with Trashy - huge brownie points for letting your littlest chick be away for his tenth birthday!!


Happy birthday to your absent chickie, I do hope he has lots of fun. My biggest one is ten, such a happy age, before any teenage stuff rears it's ugly head. I hope the week goes quickly for you and that you don't have to clean out too many cupboards to get through.


Oh. You may need extra knitting time today. Or some therapeutic baking, or to have a small sniffle whilst pretending to select clothes in the wardrobe. Sending a massive slab of virtual cake and a few bawdy cackle-inducing jokes to help you through the morning xx


It's very odd when they are away. Especially when it's for a birthday — Matilda was in Germany last year for her 14th, it felt really, really weird. A taste of the future, I suppose. Now two of mine are at secondary school we quite often have weekends where we are at least one down (sometimes two or three up, not sure which is worse!), and although I enjoy the ease of having only one or two kicking around the house, it doesn't feel quite right until everyone is home, even if they are quite grumpy.


I'm probably not helping when I say it doesn't get any easier letting them go when they are big boys and there is nothing I like better than when they are all back home together, which isn't that often these days. But he will thank you for it!

Alice C

Have a great time, Johnny. A word of warning - if you do go down any black runs don't tell Mum otherwise she will never let you go away again.


Awwww. What a cutie. And how fun to be away on a ski trip for your birthday! Not so fun for you though Mum. I've always thought the mother should be celebrated on the child's birthday -- it's only fair! Happy Birthday to your little one!


happy birthday wishes, hope they have cake on ski trips x


Awww, him being away for his birthday has surely been an extra strain for a mother hen. I hope he had a great birthday. x

Annie @ knitsofacto

A belated Happy Birthday Johnny :)

My lot are older and mostly living away ... you just learn to worry less, and about different things, when it's at a distance. And to value all the more the time they spend at home.


I, too, like it when all my birdies are in the nest. Just come back from visiting no 1 son who is in his first year at uni. It is taking me some time to get used to this new dynamic - I am glad he is 'launching' - it is what we hope for for our children, but I am finding the adjustment harder than I thought - who am I now, after so many years of being mum? One chick left in the nest and he is due to go this year. Times are changing...


Happy birthday, Johnny. And love to you, Mum, from one who knows.

Magic Bean

Mmm. A tricky one. Doesn't help that you know he'll be having the most outrageous fun while he's away, does it? Stiff upper lip girl! And cake. Ax


He’s very handsome! I don’t know why but I see him someday in media,like presenting a show at tv.


It's natural to worry - I remember when my son went on a school trip. He went away a boy and came back a man!!! Not quite but he did grow up a little bit more. Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog Ali. x


yup, I"m with you. I think they should never leave...

Wait a second... what am I saying!!!

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