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03 January 2014


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A finite number of meals? Hell, that's a scary thought. I love your food resolution, I'm all for eating delicious food, as you know.


that is by far away the best resolution I have come across so far x enjoy!

Frances Dowell

Although I would love to lose weight this year, I'm with you about shunning the January dieting brigade. In fact, I suspect that the more pleasurable we make our meals--and the more we attend to the pleasures of our meals as we're eating them (instead of wolfing them down)--the more likely we are not to overeat. That's just a theory of course, but it's one worth trying out!

Happy New Year, Ali!



sounds like the perfect resolution - I might just join you!


That sounds like a wonderful resolution! I'm up for it!

lucy locket

Why don't you set up an online supper club for January! You could suggest lots of delicious meals and other people could suggest their favourites too. I'm always after new inspiration - especially family friendly meals as Daisy and Fred don't tend to like the same food as Jonathan, Dot and I.

Anne Wheaton

The most depressing thing I've read this year as I realise that I too have probably eaten more than half my meals! Must try harder from now and be enthused about more meals.


Well, I'm 63 so if life is a meal, I'm just about on the cheese course... .

Ah well. Happy New Year all the same.

Amy at love made my home

What a great way to look at food. Not not eating this or that or only this or that, but trying lots of different things! That has to be a great way to eat. I hope that you have lots of fun with this plan!! xx


You're right, it is easy to get into a rut, especially when it's 5pm and you've no idea what you're going to cook. I do want to do much better this year. And I'd be really happy if the children started eating more variety and more exciting things too.


Sounds like a great resolution and long term way to look at food. Good food doesn't have to be dull for you either really does it? x

just Gai

What a lot of good sense you talk. Jamie's recipe is pinned and will be tested on friends coming round for dinner next weekend.


Such a good resolution. I hope you are going to hang onto that slow cooker too, or find one of your own. They are the best meals to come home too; all the prep is forgotten and it is as if dinner has made itself!


That sounds like an excellent aim & thank you for reminding me that there is light at the end of the tunnel with fussy kids eating

French Knots

I love my slow cooker, the whole house smells like a good housewife lives here! I tend to get stuck in a rut too, carrots as are the only veg that everyone will eat.
A very sensible resolution, what could be more depressing than greeting the grey of January with a diet and a wine ban.


I couldn't agree more... if only my children would eat the same stuff... or had more adventurous tastes.



That is a great resolution. I have got into a bit of a food rut but I am going to start to bake my own bread instead of paying top whack in Sainsbury's local for a somewhat bland Danish loaf. I look forward to seeing what you make!


Someone speaking sense about dieting in January for a change. Well done!


That's such a great resolution! It was only after my father in law had been diagnosed with cancer and knew with more accuracy than most how many meals he had left that he made the effort to enjoy taste more. It was always loose leaf tea in a teapot from then on. We have agreed that it's better to do that for forty years than four months.
On Thursday, we had our first ever meal since having kids, at which everyone ate exactly the same thing, so I have great hopes for more exciting meals soon too!


Such a nice resolution, to make the most of your experiences. I'm terrible for falling into a rut and eating food that is less nice than the healthier food that I eat when I'm being "good"... Best of luck!


A belated comment - so sorry to see your spread-eagled son with a WHOLE leg in plaster. A mournful sight indeed.

Hoping all is well now - and maybe we could have a coffee catchup once the wheels of term are turning again?

Lucy x


I'm in total agreement that this is a brilliant resolution. We are trying to eat more vegetables, a little less food at mealtimes, less sugar and make the same meal for us and our young children by making things attractive and tasty. I refuse to get stuck in a rut this year!! So far so good (and that's in spite of the enormous pile of chocolate we were given this year!)!


Happy New Year! As a fellow recent convert to slow-cookers, I am heading off post-haste to check out that slow cooked pork recipe. Great resolution, very wise and grounded. x


Now THAT is a good resolution! Catchign up on your posts, 2013 in a video is beautiful.


What a great post -- and resolution! I've always wondered why we try to eat healthy salads, etc. at the new year -- at the coldest time of the year when what I want most is rib-stickin' food -- the kind to keep us fueled and warm. Thanks for the link -- I'm off to check it out!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Now there's a thought ... I hit 50 so I guess I've had more meals already than I've got to come ... scary!


Interesting thoughts on food. I've been blogging my dinners (sometimes more interestingly than others) for a few years now, and although we've always tried to be quite varied and not repeat things TOO often, it does help focus you a bit. As does planning ahead. Can't bear to think I have a finite number of meals, so I'm not going to! but it's nice to take time to really appreciate what you are eating, whether an old favourite or something new...


I enjoyed this post very much. January always provides a good opportunity to look at meals and eating afresh and I like your approach very much! My kids are 4 and 7 and the youngest is very fussy so carbonara is one of the few meals everyone loves to eat in this house, but I can see how in a couple of years it might be less appealing to us all... x

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