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28 January 2014


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Wardrobe of Doom here too. I am back in black, and that's never a good sign. A few too many post-Christmas pounds still lurking around as well. But I'm not sweating it. Not today anyway. Maybe tomorrow.


Funny I was thinking about The Changing Room only the other day. I'm not sure I feel brave enough to go back into it at the moment though. I'm living in M&S black exercise trousers (I have 4 pairs) and a few shapeless jumpers. You think you look like a bag lady....?


Okay... tomorrow I will not stay in my track pants and sweat top all day

a touch of domesticity

I know how you feel and don't worry, it's not you! It's the COLD. See, there are only two things you can wear on your top-half in the cold, and that's a jumper or a thick cardi. The rest of the year, we don't need either, so most of us own only a few. You'll have maybe 5-10 jumpers/cardis? And there are three months, that's 13 weeks, that's 91 days of wearing those same. darned. clothes. (yes those full stops are through gritted teeth!) You will notice that this comment is ridiculously long/convoluted/mathy (totally not a word), and you may (correctly) deduce that I am very fed up of my same 6 jumpers! ... rant over.


Guilty! But it's February soon, it can ( and will) change...

lucy locket

I know what you mean - I started the year fully intending to celebrate having lost so much weight and enjoy wearing my pretty new clothes. I was even wearing make up! Then I bought a lovely long soft grey and cream fairisle jumper and a really thick long hooded cardigan, and while they are both nice, I have become so lazy about choosing to wear smarter clothes because the new ones are so cosy. You have reminded me that I need to make more of an effort!


gym kit? I am seriously contemplating pj's all day. after last week when I matched the grey sky.
I love the jumper wearing calculatations! I know for two winters I wore the same jumper constantly and come spring I never ever wanted to see it again.

The Coffee Lady

I'm here! I was just thinking about the Changing Room the other day. I'd love to get back in there.

Since I am working every weekday now I don't have the easy option of my yoga trousers; but it's interesting how my work wardrobe is dividing itself into 'comfy' and 'too much like hard work'.

I shall go into the Changing Room and check the settings. And give it a bit of a dust, and maybe light some kind of scented candle ready for you.


I don't usually worry what I wear as long as it has no food on it, doesn't have holes in it, co-ordinates colourwise and, most importantly, is warm. I have never owned any kind of gym kit and never will.

The link to the Changing Room wouldn't let me in so I have no idea what it is about.

February will be here soon, look forward to it!


I thought I'd escaped too... then the rain stopped my running and today I felt head first in a giant puddle of January blahs.

Oh yes baby.... I'm going to mainline starflower oil till this goes away...

Must meet up soon.


Here too! cold, damp and dull weather are so not helping the mood and in turn the grey mood is not helping me get out and exercise to help more some extra pounds which isn't helping the mood!!! Here's hoping February will be better :)

French Knots

I think you are spot on with the link between what we wear and our state of mind. I am making a conscious effort to cheer myself up by making cheerful choices ( today - multi coloured crochet cardi, pink tshirt and turquoise tunic over jeans )so that the blahs get less of a foot in the door.
Hope you are dressing in happiness too x


I'm in, although I've forgotten my yahoo login wotsits. Giz an hour or two....

Oh the blahs. How I hate their grey January dreariness. They can jog on.

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