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31 January 2014


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A lovely winter mosaic Ali. I feel the same way about New Year, it makes me uneasy. But once we're on the road, I try to forget about it. Hope you have a good weekend.


Even though we may still have some winter left it is indeed nice to have got January out of the way. your bowl of bulbs look full of promise.


Good mosaic. It is so lovely to see the Narcissi and Hyacinths blooming indoors - white roses blooming outside!

I like January, February too, March is my 'killer' month, I cannot like it at all.


Love the hyacinths picture - they're going to look lovely. I'm so pleased January is over. Usually I don't mind it but what with all the rain and grey and a cold that won't go away, it has been a hard month. Hooray for February - I hope it's a good one for you. x


I love your pictures and commentary! It made me smile to think I have a kindred spirit with your thoughts. I have a pair of bright red clogs, from Santa. I can't bear to wear them yet as they're so new and perfect!! Fleur


embrace the imperfections and move forward anyway. quite brilliant. x

oh and I love the string


I love the string but I love the little cumulus cloud in your coffee even more... Ax


I LOVE your mosaics -- they're always so beautiful. And my favorite block always seems to be the close-up of the kitty!


I want to squeeze that chubby cat's sweet face!

Sorry, I can't resist an adorable feline.

THe mosaic is lovely, as usual!

Bob's Juice

Nice mosaic!I like cup of coffe picture and the one with the kitty!


your January seems very calm and serene.

Mine was armageddeon.


Hi there Ali, it's been a long time since I've been to your blog. I somehow lost you along the way on my travels and various reiterations of websites but I'm so glad I found you again (I was thinking about you today - I know that sounds weird but I've been hacking away at my blogroll links and I was thinking, hmmm, Domestic Ali isn't there... have to fix that!) x Your boys are so grown up!

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