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23 November 2013


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Yes, feeling quite twinkly here. Advent calendars at the ready for next Sunday - it's been a while since the birthday fell on advent Sunday. I'm holding the music off until December but now that you mention it - 'Now the holly bears a berry as white as the milk'....


how pretty - I am definitely feeling twinkly!


Lovely! I can't wait to light the first advent candle in our new house.


It's lovely. Not too much, very restrained! And I really envy you your antlers.


I got a new box of twinkly lights this week. happy times x

Amy at love made my home

I love your sparkly garland, you could do all sorts on a similar theme! xx

lucent imagery

Yes, I got twinkly early this year and have bought and wrapped all the family presents. I've never been so early, but wanted to enjoy it before it got too crazy in the shops. Your knit mits are gorgeous! (and what a shame I didn't know about the Clementine Cake at F&W!)


I'm not allowing myself to get twinkly until December... I get Christmas burn-out if I start too early!

(although the advent calendar will be made this week...)

a touch of domesticity

I've seen garlands like this one over on pinterest and really, really want to make one but... I really cannot face all the tracing and cutting of perfect circles. But a circle punch?!! How did I not even know one existed? Please tell me: where do I get one?


A little bit, yes. Thanks.


i like that :)


Ahhhh, very pretty -- and definitely twinkly! I like to get past our Thanksgiving (this Thursday) before I start feeling twinkly!

Magic Bean

I am desperately trying to hold back til December 1st. Then it will all go sparklemad here. Bedecked antlers are oh-so-chic, Ax

Annie @ knitsofacto

No sparkle here yet, and I seem to have lost my sparkle too. Clearly the same is not true at your house!


Such a stylish decoration!

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