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18 November 2013


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Of course, mitts! Just what I need to knit next. What about a cowl for your leftover thick and thin yarn?


They're lovely, such a good colour and just right for autumn. Maybe you could knit a hedgehog with the grey wool, they have a thick and thin quality to them sometimes. There must be someone on your Christmas list who deserves such a beast.

harmony and rosie

I love them. Love the colour too although I have never been able to wear it. Perhaps in mitts it's the perfect opportunity!

Anne Wheaton

Interesting the way the colour changes. I've just finished some mitts with a thumb that sticks out like a sore thumb (sorry)so shall have to try this pattern instead.

Amy at love made my home

These look great! Don't you just hate it when a yarn seems to start out as one thing and then does another - so annoying! Glad you had better luck with your second choice. xx


I have been having problems with a similar yarn and my sock. I think I shall give up.
I like the detailing of the thumb on your mitts.


Lovely yarn - I've never tried knitting with that one, but the shade is beautiful, so off to have a look!


The colour, the stitches, the mitts - all are things of beauty.


oh dear. was that the thick and thin from treacle. I tried to start something with mine, but no success yet.
these however are divine.
as for the cupboard clean out, you mean you didn't do what I did this morning, which was dump the entire contents of cupboard all over hall floor in search for daughters missing glove.............


Lovely mitts and a lovely colour. I confess to wearing pink mitts with my red coat!


Oh So Pretty! I love the color Ali. I've been knitting mitts too -- for Christmas gifts -- they make the perfect quick hit!


Lovely and useful!


ohhhh ahhhhh uhhhhh!!!

very lovely. I fancy trying my hands (joke... ha ha ha) at knitting mittens. kind of like the toes of a sock.. me thinks. No?

Green Dragon

it looks so cute:D

The Coffee Lady

I don't have enough coats. This is now a fact.

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