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08 November 2013


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It's already open here. Your cat is strange.


Tennis very rarely gives me any satisfaction, played aggressively or not and I'd be very grumpy if I did my full weekly shop in a real supermarket - the experience of pushing the trolley up and down the aisles has the opposite effect on me! We may be very different but I always love your thoughtful writings and the great pictures that you take. Enjoy your spuds, your wine and your weekend Ali x


I know exactly what you mean about supermarket meditation. Hope you have a really good weekend too.


mmmm mackerel and spinach. I'm liking the sound of your dinner, pour me a glass of wine too please x


My cat likes to get in the bath tub. Weird.
I enjoy grocery shopping when I am free to roam the aisles, not so much when I have a long list of essentials.
I hope you had a lovely weekend :)

The Coffee Lady

I wish my cravings involved spinach.

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