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20 October 2013


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niki thomas

Love the way you've written this. No, quite different now. The ups and downs of life, in particular bereavement, force change upon you whether it's wanted or not. Everything seems to be of monumental importance when you're younger, but become far less so and often disappear as the years pass. Time alone is imperative!

Alice C

It depends where the watersheds in your life fall and I'm certainly not the same person as I was then. I'm not even sure old school friends would recognise me but I think I prefer me as I am now.


I don't think I'd recognize myself 25 years ago, let alone whether any of my friends could......

Jane P.

Very interesting post - very thought provoking!
May be its not just me then?


Oh good Lord, no! I never had the same level of confidence or knowledge, nor the ability to get out of my comfort zone and have a go that I think I have now!
I know what you mean about the solitude, though. Mr AJ works from home now and I NEVER have the house to myself. I miss the days I could play hookey and just contemplate. Never mind. Life is always changing and so must we!

rusty duck

If only I'd known then what I know now...

Amy at love made my home

I don't think that I would like to meet people from 25 years ago now, not because of the other people but because I am so different now, and I have no desire to go backwards! Glad you had a nice time though.


Completely different person now, more confident and fatter.


Great post Ali - food for thought!


I can't think of anything more tragic than a school reunion with my lot. After all I didn't leave the country for no reason at all...

geesh. Shudder.

Glad you survived. I don't think revisiting the past is either necessary or a good thing.

Here's to the future, right?


I'm quite a different person now I think. And there aren't many people from school I'd like to see again - it wasn't a happy time at all! But yours look great fun, glad you had a good time.


I see I am the only one wishing I could be who I was 25 years ago.
I do.

Anne Marie

No, I am not, and I love your words about introversion: "I am a quieter and more introverted person than I once was and I need some time alone each day in a way that I never used to".

I think the exact same thing about my self... It would have been fun to spend a day with one self of 20-25 years ago.


I don't need to think back too hard. I still sometimes dream I've got an exam coming up that I haven't studied for... Oh, hang on, I have! Eeeek.
Seriously, sometimes I think I have become less confident, until I realise I have just lost the teenage ability to believe myself always right in everything I think.


What fun pictures -- I sat drawing lines between the two pictures to match the people up -- you guys haven't changed very much for 25 years -- that's impressive! Isn't it funny how we change as we grow older?


I have been thinking a lot more about school - especially sixth form which was an interesting time as one of a few girls in a boys boarding school - and I spent many years not wanting to look back. Having Dot at this stage of her education and making decisions about sixth forms and courses has made it much more current to me again.


What a great thought provoking post, Ali.

I've never had a school reunion and not sure if I want one or not! I do, however, have a friend who I've known since I was five. We're very different people, very very different as parents, have very different ways of expressing ourselves and I certainly couldn't live with her (or her with me, I imagine) but we have so much history that binds us together and to me that makes our friendship something to treasure.

UK lass in US

Each time I get to go home, a group of my school friends makes the effort to get together and I love it. I would love to turn back the clock for a day; but I also know how lucky I am to have had such good friends at what can often be an awkward stage of life. I live a much quieter life now, but sometimes I'll find myself missing the days of having others about for pouring over problems and giving each other support. I wonder if I am a bit too self-sufficient now.

Annie @ knitsofacto

How marvellous to have had the chance to meet up with such old friends.

I know I'm a completely different person now to the one my school chums knew.

The Coffee Lady

Am I different? I don't know. I don't have the space to be who I was back then, but I had the same traits to a large extent. Since Mr Coffee has gone back to college, we've been having lots of conversations about how people approach study - I remember being the pace-out-the-work person, and other students being the leave-it-and-study-all-night types, and how we thrive either on organisation or on stress. I think that's true to a degree still, though the context is different. Pre-freezing sandwiches - that's my equivalent of essay planning now.


You always manage to write in such a wonderfully thought-provoking way Ali and what a great pictures to have. I've lost touch with most of my school friends and doubt they'd recognise me now. I feel much changed by being a parent: quieter, more introspective and quite frankly rather boring compared to the 20 year old me!



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