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07 September 2013


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Such delicate little cones. I remember my best friend at school who was left-handed and had to write with a fountain pen. Probably the only time in our lives we write with one! Bless him for wanting it to be perfect. And bless his sweet little inky fingers. I don't much like the growing up and moving on either.

cappuccino post

It will be good! My girls use the pilot frixion ball pens, they look like ink pens, but they dry quicker and they have eraser on them. We donĀ“t get many ink fingers, but it is cute, I have to say!

Avril Horn

Pens for left-handers - my son has tried them all, and we got dispensation from the school to leave the fountain pen behind as the smudging was never solved. Frixion is a great invention for the left handed community.

Gold star for perseverance.


they do say a picture tells a thousand words and you've summed that up here perfectly


Being left-handed is, of course, a sign of superiority in every way. We have a left-handed shop in Worcester -full of pens, knives and scissors for superior people.


Forcing people to do things that aren't completely natural to them seems cruel to me. I like to think that I have extremely neat and uniformed writing and yet I hold my pen incorrectly. It's something I've been forced to address as a teacher of handwriting and yet I really don't quite see what the matter is. What you write and how readable it is surely matters more than how you hold your pen and what implement you use. I hope he's comfortable writing with a fountain pen before too long and doesn't find it too frustrating in the meantime. Thank goodness we live in an age when being left-handed is acceptable!

I love those little cones - so teeny and yet so perfectly formed! x


What a sweet picture.

Annie @ knitsofacto

I do appreciate that handwriting legibly is an important skill but I do wish that in this electronic age schools weren't quite so hung up on it! I have a leftie too and what a time of it he had.


I found my cones in my bag yesterday, a lovely reminder.

oh inky fingers, I learnt to cope with the inky messes by turning my page through 90 degrees and writing almost sideways on. I still do it, even when I use a pencil.......

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