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02 September 2013


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Janet Clare

Stunning! Often wish I have big black camera with me, but never do. So glad you did- vicarious sunset!


No, it really isn't the same sky! Absolutely glorious. I love a good sunset and always take a photo if I can. x


And that is precisely why we should all love clouds.I think these are stratocumulus and altostratus.

ellen kelley

Oh, my this is just wonderful and glorious and I think I would have been in tears..in a good way. I think the words "murmuration of starlings" is also beautiful! Thank you for sharing your exquisite photos.


stunning photos!


Wow! That is certainly stunning! Well worth stopping the car and enjoying the moment. x


Stunning photographs and such a beautiful sky

nina - tabiboo

Oh it never is!

Beautifully captured...big sigh.

Nina x


Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Lots of people around here don't understand the need to photograph things either. I end up taking a few fast snaps and then running to catch up so that I'm not in trouble.

Avril Horn

Gorgeous. A " stopping" sunset is always a wonderful end to the day.


children eh? who'd have them...

amazing sky.


gorgeous. love this time of year for skies, makes up for the sense that it is getting darker so much earlier these days.....


The sunsets at the moment are absolutely lovely, aren't they? I so rarely have the big camera with me these days. It would be good to get back into the habit of hefting it about.


WOW! It's Gorgeous!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Stunning sky and great shots! The Mr went chasing something similar here and afterwards I wished I'd gone with him.


Lucky you, it is ages since I last saw a murmuration; that sky is spectacular.


Same old sky?????
Thank you for these breathtakingly beautiful shots.

Vintage Jane

Amazing sky ... truly beautiful.

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