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23 September 2013


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Yup, we get it. I was just drooling over that pie last week, I really should make it. Last week my SIL made us the apple custard tart from Julia child's French cooking book. Um. Make it!!

Alice Auperin

Aargh, I have all the ingredients just waiting for me to make it, I just didn't get the chance this weekend! As soon as I saw the recipe I was drooling, with 3 boys I need some pie!


totally get it - I have to make this pie now too!


I get it. Totally.
I think we have always shared. Think of the ladies in Mrs Gaskell's Cranford swapping recipes and crochet patterns. I think they would have been just as delighted to discover they were simultaneously cooking the same recipe as we were. I'm just glad I have place to share my pies.


Made this pie today too , it is truly delicious. Something about seeing someone else's cooking to make one want to make one too, especially if you've just been give a bag of cooking apples and some new laid eggs.


I do sometimes feel I miss out by not having a smartphone so not having such instant access to stuff. But I think I get it... and it does sound like a good pie!

French Knots

Oh yes I get it, I pinned the pie recipe last week ready for making too.


Oh yes, I get it, I was thinking of making it too. The power of a good blog!


Preach it! I heart the web and its sharing, be it a cardi, a cake, a pie, a poem, a thought, friends!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

I love the whole Internet sharing thing - never fails to be a constant source of inspiration! May just have to go and buy some sour cream to make that pie now! And it will give it an extra je ne sais quoi to know that you and Sue and others have been making it too! E x


We definitely get it! It's just the modern day version of the old quilting bees -- our lives are so busy and far flung these days, that we don't have the opportunities for those old bees -- we're so lucky technology has found us a new way. Hubby was just whining last night that I "had my head in my phone" while "tv watching". He just doesn't get that I'm NOT interested in the *&*%#$@ he watches! ;-D


I get it. and I like pie. a lot x


We do definitely get it Ali. I've been eyeing up the same pie and knowing that you and Sue have both had success makes it even more desirable. I will be giving it a go for pudding tomorrow, looks like it will be a baking kind of day as I'm planning to make Sue's millionaire's shortbread too. Sharing is the best xxx


Yes, I get it too! Sharing is good. And I love knowing what other people are having for lunch/dinner/dessert. However, I also know that a number of close friends think I'm crazy.


I get it too - I think one factor is that we like having our good decisions or ideas "backed up" by friends also thinking they are good. If lots of friends are making it too then it really must be a good pie and we are right to want to make it - does that make sense? So now I want to make this pie - I have a tree full of apples and a planned trip to the supermarket so I can get the other ingredients :)

Annie @ knitsofacto

I get it ... in fact I'm sure it'll be the next big evolutionary thing ... embracing virtual communication that is, not pie ;)


Looks delicious! I really want to make it now!!

And so it continues ... :)


Thank heavens for over- sharers I'd say.


I get it too - especially as there isn't really anyone in my everyday life who gets it! So to share and be inspired I head off to blogland.

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