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18 September 2013


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Pre 1971 earth was green, live was red and neutral was black (I'm so old I remember) and now of course we hardly ever need to rewire plugs.

I like your unique take on the subject Ali. In fact I am liking what all the colour collaborators are doing with a common subject.


Yes yes! This made no sense to me either, although I remember some explanation about the earthing being super duper important and the stripiness making it stand out lest it be forgotten. To get my head round it (during A level Physics) I had to transform the brown into red in my head. Then I could reconcile myself to the slightly baffling colour choices that must have been made in the 1940s.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Yes! I remember having similar conversations with my father ... how could earth not be brown!

You are sooo good at this :)

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Ha ha! I totally agree, red for live and most certainly brown for live!

S x


I agree with all that Sue said...

The Coffee Lady

Oh dear me no. I don't do wires.


Yep, you are totally right, earth would be brown. Love the slant you took on this theme! x


I agree, wholeheartedly... and that is why I don't do wires.


Quite agree; I always feel that earth should be brown. It's the only thing I can ever remember about wiring, though: that earth ISN'T brown. So I suppose that's useful knowledge... .

nina - tabiboo

I remember my dad teaching me this when I was a kid - I was obsessed with wires and plugs. Though I've completely forgotten it all now.

Nina x


I've always wondered why the brown wire wasn't the earth!

Liz Davey

I only ever remember because bRown goes to the Right and bLue goes to the left. The one that's left goes up the middle, right?

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