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30 September 2013


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As a mother of man-in-band...... I'd choose a chess set.
( your cat has an awesome nose)

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Wonderful and evocative photos Ali! What do you mean that's a log? Of course it's a baseball bat! And with an impressively smooth finish too! How wonderful to spend an afternoon whittling wood! Think Johnny might have started something here although I have more need of a rolling pin than a base ball bat! E x


we can't have a cat flap. the cats are too stupid, and they bring us too many gifts.... I had a robin flying around my bedroom last week......


Drum kits are similarly un-portable, I have tried to persuade Tom to learn the harmonica to no avail. I think Johnny's baseball bat is excellent.


You're toooo funny. And your cat picture is Gorgeous. He might be dim, but he's beautiful!


My hubby has yearned to learn to play hammer dulcimer for eons. Let me know if you decide to sell yours - I might be "forced" to come and take delivery of it in person...


The baseball bat is wonderful! The dulcimer looks interesting, I've never seen one before. Lovely that he learns something so unusual. It's a slight shame that it's so untransportable, but it could be worse.

French Knots

Your dim cat has the sweetest face. No picture of you with your arm through the flap trying to tempt him through it - how remiss of you!


We sometimes translate materials for a manufacturer of those electronic cat flaps. They're the best jobs, we have so much fun imagining the cat trying to get in or out but the flap's been locked as the cat is home too late or other situations like that... Stubborn cats!


As the mother of someone who, until very recently, played the cello I feel your pain. I told her next time it would be a flute!



Both Daisy and Fred had to play the trombone in year six. I initially thought it was because Daisy was so much taller than the rest of the class but Fred then informed me it was because of the shape of their mouths. A trombone would have fitted easily in the car but it was a bit of a dead weight to carry on the walk to and from school. But I accept that the dulcimer is rather more inconvenient!


You think a dulcimer is bad? My niece and nephews appeared at the breakfast table when I was staying a few years ago when they were all still at school to casually enquire if I thought my car (a Renault Kangoo) would take a xylophone and stand, a tuba, a cello, a snare drum and an electric guitar plus amp, as well as 3 large school bags and 3 passengers. It would appear I drive a tardis!

Sew Create It - Jane

Reading about your cats and the cat flap made me laugh out loud...thanks for the giggle! :o)


Haha, your description of cat-flap-training your cat really made me laugh. Although he might not be the smartest of all cats, he certainly is one of the cutest :)


Our boys play dulcimers. One plays the hammer dulcimer and the other plays the mountain dulcimer. It was a lot of fun when they were growing up.


Oh dear, I feel I need to warn you in case you are even half-jokingly considering a piccolo for your son: piccolos are LOUD! They might be physically readily portable but the volume and tone of the instrument... eh, not so small! I played the flute (and the piccolo) for many years and it was a bit of a sore point with the neighbours. They had a baby, and she would not sleep while I practiced unless they closed all the windows to block the, in search of a better word, noise. AND their house was more than 300 m away from our farm AND at that point I was actually quite advanced flutist... The flute does sound rather reedy for the first year or so and the timbre is pretty high (especially piccolos) and thus weirdly penetrating :D The sound gets eventually better (up to absolutely amazing), but not less loud! I love the sound though, flute is still my all time favourite instrument.

Dulcimers sound so lovely I find it hard to imagine that even a beginner could make it sound horrible. I could be wrong here though? I have only heard it once and the musician playing was very skillful.

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