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28 August 2013


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What an adorable little quilt -- which, btw, should not be cringe inducing at all. I LOVE the way you took the little pink border all the way to the edges of the quilt!


I really must make a first quilt. I'd be interested to see your latest quilt for comparison.


I love the colours and how the gingham border is reflected in the blocks. Really cute. It's not using tasteful colours or cotton batting that makes an heirloom quilt; it's the memories that cling to the quilt and it sounds as though this is truly a quilt full of memories for both you.


Lovely, and how wonderful that it has been used so much and has such baby memories attached to it.


I think it seems to have survived really well and so good to know that it was used.

rusty duck

Well I think it's lovely, and so practical too.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Always nice to discover vintage makes from one's past in the cupboard! And interesting to see how one's techniques and style have evolved. Like your other commenters, I love all the memories that are sewn and washed into this - a real treasure, Ali! E x


oh but that is sooo charming!! AND you've hand quilted it... I'm impressed. I've yet to do that on a quilt scale...

isn't it funny how our changes evolve?

Annie @ knitsofacto

It's sweet, which may not be your style now but I bet you were chuffed with it back then! I am in awe of anyone who makes a whole quilt ... I have bits of quilt put away but I seem incapable of actually finishing one! (I've English paper pieced cloth for other, finished, things but that really doesn't count.)

A Cat From London

Lovely colors, brilliant first job! Use in happy days!

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