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22 August 2013


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A great post, you have made me smile. Bunting will definitely be seen as vintage from this era. And maybe those letters and words that you can put on the mantelpiece. And mirrored bedroom furniture and anything Cath Kidston. My childhood was all orange and brown flowered curtains too, along with a grey tiled fireplace and alcoves for glass knick knacks and a nice sideboard.


vintage will always be orange to me. vintage legacy? how about all those keep calm and do something spin offs. drive me crazy they do.......... as for harking back to times of our parents, well guess I'm going to have to confess to the avocado tea set that I bought in a charity shop whilst on holiday..............

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

Brown and orange define my teenage years and I was very miffed that my mother wouldn't let me paint my bedroom in those colours (though thank goodness she didn't). White with neutrals (beige) will surely define the last few years, though of course described as bleached linen and sun kissed string or other such words.


Oddly my parents did not let the 70s influence their interior decoration one bit. William Morris curtains, white walls and real antiques. It's still the same, the real antiques increasing their value all the time (luckily for their children).


vintage 2010.... that made me laugh.

And I sincerely hope that the magnolia years will never EVER come back!

Annie @ knitsofacto

I'm liking the idea that the 2010s will be remembered for antlers and bunting. We have neither here ... we're clearly way off trend! But we do have a lovely distressed finish on the painted doors, courtesy of the whippet who wrongly thinks he can manage door handles ... perhaps the tatty look will catch on :)

Wasn't lilac a 70's colour too ... I remember my bedroom was lilac ... it had a signature wall in a patterned lilac paper ... what was my mother thinking?!

a touch of domesticity

My parents' bathroom was olive (bogey) green. The lounge was mustard with brown and more bogey green. I was dressed in the exact same colours! But now when I look back at the photos (it was the late 70s/early 80s) I think how hip they and their house looked. Gosh I do hope my boys think the same one day when they look back at where they grew up! (And I've shied away from the bunting that I'd love for the very reason that it's a trend rather than a style, though sometimes I think, yah boo sucks, I'll do it anyway!)


I think the vintage cliche of the moment is aqua and red. Or aqua and anything really. It already seems to be in a bit of a decline. We'll see. I had hot pink shag carpet in my little girl bedroom of the 70's -- it was divine!

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Excellent and funny post. So true too. I'm guilty of a good few 'future cliche's here. Curtain poles, bunting, 'feature' walls and CK. Oh dear, I'm so generic, perhaps I ought to stop now and start waiting for the revival... (lol!)

S x


Twelve years or so ago my parents had a G Plan sideboard from the 'mid-century modern' era that they literally couldn't give away (they'd advertised it as a 'free to collect' item for weeks in the local paper with no takers at all.)

My partner and I eventually gave it a home as we needed something to put a large hamster house on!! Roll forward to 2013 and it is now taking pride of place in my living room and is, for the time being, bang on trend with the passion for all things mid-century modern / vintage.

nina - tabiboo

Orange and brown, dark green and a colour I can only describe as babies poo....my parents were sooooo trendy.

I like a little of it now - still, but maybe it's more me being nostalgic rather than wanting to replicate my home like they did.

Oh happy days,

Nina x

UK lass in US

I remember my childhood house being completely decorated in browns and oranges. These days I try to go for timeless (or old-fashioned and plain), but I do have the Orla Kiely pear placemats that were sold by Target over here.

Hmm, I guess I decorate how I dress: nothing too flashy or trendy. I ought to put some bunting up in the garden or something...


The tiles, they reveal every house's age here.


What a great post - it made me cringe though when I remembered my macrame plant holders complete with the ubiquitous spider plants.


Oh yes, what Gina says! My then husband also had a collection of ceramic beer steins with lids - gross things.


It's our sheesham wood coffee table that dates our first house purchase!


Our house still awaits decoration- 16 years on. My 1970's childhood bedroom would not look out of place today (apart from the orange bri-nylon sheets and parrafin heater). We had woodprint lino and an orange and yellow colour scheme. All shapes and sizes of yellow and orange cats adorned the wallpaper and we had orange and yellow bedside rugs.


We have all-white walls here, though 10 years ago in our first flat we had a different feature wall in each room, including terracota. Such a mishmash otherwise though, clobber and clutter from all over the place!


I think macrame must be due a revival, it's been years since I even glimpsed a plant hanger. Owls are my future cliche, bound to end up as naff (already overdone) as the porcelain crinoline ladies I loved as a child in the 70s.

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