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14 August 2013


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That's exactly how I feel. I definitely need to put aside indolence and plan a few projects. In fact I'm planning write a post along the same lines so please excuse me if I seem to be saying the same thing. I have no bird of good intentions though. Maybe I should make myself one?

Annie @ knitsofacto

That thrill as you sniff autumn on the air for the first time ... I know that feeling :)

But I seem to have had the opposite experience to you this summer ... for reasons too many to number indolence has been in short supply around here. Maybe I should make myself a bird of good intentions to slow down!

UK lass in US

We had a quilt show here, but I ended up not getting to go (bloomin' shingles). Still, I cheered up when I found some at the local county fair to admire. The skill level in evidence was very intimidating, mind.

Too many of my summer plans got scuppered - there's a bit of a race on now to squeeze things in before school starts up. We'll see. I'm learning not to plan.


loving your bird! very commendable, I am still in full summer sloth mode.


Summer is my favourite season so I'm holding on to it as long as possible!



my mind is fluttering with good intentions (albeit without such a gorgeous bird) too... now all I need is time.

Which is ironic because when I look at the next month time is the only thing I don't have!


Jo Kneale

Oh how the year races by! I have my week away to enjoy and then I'm going to organise and order the year ahead. Enjoy the rest of August!

a touch of domesticity

You've just written how I'm feeling! It's as though there's a seesaw over my year and it has been settled at a perfect balance in the last few weeks, treading water at summer. But now I can feel gravity shift a little and my eyes have turned and looked at the long, lovely descent to winter. No, I'm not a fan of winter but I do love the journey to get there. I know it's happening because I've been in a uniform-buying frenzy and had a massive sort-out of our attic storage! Must be time to get all the ducks in a row for the season ahead.


A bird of good intentions. I like that very much.

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