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20 July 2013


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My daughter had a white cat and she used to put sunblock on his ears. No idea if it stayed there but he never seemed to come to harm.

I was ecpecting a spider, not a turtle - shows how much I know.

Love the play canal, I'd have hours fo fun with that!


Now I won't be able to shake the image of a terrapin rave either!Wonder what music they like? Aqualung? Great Big Sea?


(what I want to know... do you buy the worms every couple of days? do you find them in the garden? warm hunting?)

Nice quote.

I'd like some quite time... but it would seem I over planned this year. Sigh.


I think you can grow your own mealworms if you are that way inclined. I'm sure Alys Fowler has done it, but I can't remember why. I'm hoping this will be the summer that we actually do lots of the things that I think we could do at the beginning of the summer. The weather all looks very promising. You have made me laugh today, thank you. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Calm, planning permission and a semblance of order.

I may be aiming rather high.

Poor ears - at least fun will be had terrorising George until paws are nipped. Live meals are the oddest thing. Mr M's old uni housemate had a tarantula and used to get live crickets sent through the post - odd pinging noise in an envelope. Most peculiar.


oh you brits. i don't know if you know what hot is! ;) it's 102F here today! (39C?)
i do love the idea of a ginger cat needing a sunhat.


George looks rather funky.

What am I hoping to achieve before autumn? Read some books, go to Cornwall, enjoy not camping, make lots of icecream.


How's the cat getting on with George? I hope she doesn't feel the need to drink his water. He is a cool holiday-pet. I was thinking of getting a guinea pigs for the Nursery but I think they'll have to make do with fish instead as I'm not sure what our cat will think of some shaggy rodents as her holiday buddies!

I still need to make my list of holiday jobs. Job for today! x

Annie @ knitsofacto

So basically you have a lightly toasted cat and a party boy terrapin in the house?

Enjoy the quiet absorption ... I think we're aiming no higher than survival!

Bitsy Beans

I asked my vet and was advised children's sunblock is perfectly fine :) my kitty has white ears so particularly susceptible if I am not proactive.

My plans for autumn? Just to move house and get settled in Wiltshire. That sounds like a big enough plan for me!

Magic Bean

Hoping to get through the holidays not caring how messy and dusty the Smalls rooms are. And to really enjoy their company and not let myself get side-tracked by dull jobs. And eat drink lots of chilled white wine with a large ice cube bobbing about inside.

Our Dalmatian used to get a sunburnt tummy.

Enjoy the hols,Ax


Yes, sunburnt ears (and noses) are a real problem for cats, you can apply regular human sunscreen to them for protection - they also get skin cancer just like us! xxBrenda


Sorry, I'm stuck at trying to figure out what kind of physics they would study from a turtle. An object in motion and all that. S.l.o.w. motion. Which sounds perfect for summer. Looks like you're having a lovely one so far!


I love everything about this post. Especially the raving slider.


oh I have ginger cats with white ear tips, I never thought about the sun, although to be honest we haven't seen any for days - sea fret......
I thought George was going to be a snake.

achievements before the autumn, mmmm drink tea, read a book and crochet some bunting, I'm not aiming very high!


Playing down by a stream sounds like the perfect way to spend these hot, hot days. I like George the fun physics terrapin, hope he behaves himself in your care! Enjoy the summer Ali, your chanced upon summer goal does sound a good one.


I love Lionel Shriver. Have you ever heard her speak? She has a fearsome intelligence and her vocabulary...!! She made me want to go and read a dictionary!
Summer plans - lots of reading, lots of ice-creams and trying hard to enjoy the precious days with my daughter, whose childhood seems to be passing far too quickly!
Jo x


I apply factor 50 sunblock to the ears of our white cat Maurice - when I can catch him that is. It's sometimes a bit like Benny Hill chasing a dolly bird...


Play canal? I want one!


Crikey i never thought about cats getting sunburnt!

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