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24 July 2013


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Yes, yes and the red ones are the best.


I really must try that, off to the freezer with some grapes right now ;-)


Definitely something to try at the weekend. Thanks for sharing! x

nina - tabiboo

Cor!! I've always wanted to try this, but have only ever dared frozen bananas on sticks.

Happy holidays,

Nina x


oh yeah... I remember you told me about these last year... and I've still haven't tried them. Must remedy that. They sounds delicious.


My partner's mother always raves about them, I really must try some I think. Thanks for the tip.


Oh we did this once as saw in in a Jamie Oliver 'recipe' (I think the recipe bit was what accompanied the grapes but I can't remember what that was!!!), I'd totally forgotten about it so thanks for the reminder....off to find the grapes and freeze them now :)

niki thomas

Yes! love them dropped into drinks instead of ice cubes too.
Love the colour of that little bowl.


Sitting here eating the gapes I put in the freezer yesterday. They are gorgeous. Nom nom nom. Thanks for the tip.


I am putting some grapes in the freezer right now.

Oh. That glaze

Clare Mansell

I haven't, but I might try now...


Frozen grapes dipped in hot melted chocolate...


Will try it!


Really good for soothing children on a hot summer day!


Haven't done grapes, but a bag of dates done the same way goes down very well in this house ;-)


Oh i love these, just as yummy as a lolly but much healthier! x


Oh yes these are also a favourite here too!

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