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29 July 2013


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Well, there you go! I just cannot find the words but I do LOVE Pinterest!


Who knew.

Pipany philp

YES!!! How many probs Ihave solved through Pinterest! x


The simple ideas are the winners. Off to find a spare dinosaur and the drill...


you can use a drill? I'm impressed.

(I've been banned from the hammer... never mind the drill!)


Love it!!!

Magic Bean

My love affair with pinterest has grown very large this summer- I have discovered so many things I want/need/need to do...
Banning screen time is always a double-edged sword. Particularly when you are home alone with only one child! I might make the same toothbrush holders with a hammerhead shark and a seal. Off to find the drill...


my children find the things on pinterest I don't want them to make, cakes with an entire sweet shop on top, nails with endless glitter, or giant marshmallow towers.......

Annie @ knitsofacto

I see a cow toothbrush holder in the future of a small boy I know! Thank you Ali, and Pinterest too of course :)


I used to be so scathing of Pinterest. Then it 'got' me and I am hooked!


Such a great idea!


This just might be the perfect blog post -inspirational, funny, concise, personal but not too personal.

UK lass in US

Tch, and now I'm wanting a dino toothbrush holder, too. Hope we've still got a few cheap plastic dinosaurs about the place...


Wow. THAT's Adorable!!!! What would we do without pinterest???


This is pure genius - my boys would love it!

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