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17 June 2013


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Aha, so that's what it's for. I have recently acquired linen (from Toast) that would not disgrace your cupboard but alas I have no lovely cupboard just a shelf above the water tank.

Vintage Jane

Hmm, so much nicer than my 'bag' under the bed!


first off - that is perfect. i am always jealous of linen closets and such because our house is without one and it drives me nuts. makes a surprising amount of mess.

also, what's with you brits and boarding school - age 9? wow! Did you like it? how long did you go?


That's a beautiful cupboard! All our linens are crammed onto a shelf in our bathroom so I'm quite jealous.


Such a beautiful cupboard! I have all my things in the airing cupboard, except the spare duvet, that is in a box in the garage.


A perfect cupboard for that spot. Have you thought about papering the back? I would so love to have a linen cupboard: am with you about folding fitted sheets - impossible.


oh, I dream of a cupboard like that - and totally with you about the fitted sheets!


I have linen cupboard envy... it is indeed a splendid specimen.

YOu'll have to learn to crochet and add a lacy border to all your pillow cases now!!


'Guilty linen cupboard secrets', Yep, got some of those. Infact they don't stay secret for long as anyone who attempts to open the cupboard door finds a collection of towels and random bed linen falling down ontop of them. Nevermind it's on the to-do list but now I've seen your lovely cupboard it's inspired me to move it up on said list a couple of places.

Morag Duller

Wow what a lovely find! We keep our linen in a blanket box that my other half had as a small child. I went through it the other day and realised lots of the sheets are looking very tired! I can feel a shopping trip coming on soon.


What a lovely cupboard! I would love one, except then I'd have to fold everything neatly!


Refreshing that you confess to 'guilty linen secrets' as sometimes the internet makes you wonder if anyone has less than perfect homes! I've still got Dorma duvet quilts from the seventies stuffed in the top of the wardrobe - or wait - maybe they will be classed as vintage and I should be displaying them with pride LOL!! Enjoy your lovely new purchase and I love your blog!

Handmade in Israel

You found a great cupboard! Enjoy folding those sheets ;-)


What a beautiful linen cupboard. And your photos of it are gorgeous. I love the sophisticated white look!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Your new linen cupboard is beautiful! And yes, the pleasure of arranging the linen in sweet neat piles therein, apart from those pesky fitted sheets, pretty unbeatable! Enjoy both the arranging and subsequent viewing! E x


That's a wonderful cupboard but alas my linen is best kept out of sight!!!


our linen is best kept behind non glazed doors, football bedding and purple stripes are not for display..........


Hello. And Bye.


Ahhh we all have our skeletons in our cupboards and often they appear in the form of old, faded, crazy looking linens!

Annie @ knitsofacto

What a gorgeous, perfect find! I wouldn't have enough pretty linen to fill it, or landing space to stand it in, but if you've got it flaunt it, why not! :)

I just spent a happy 20 minutes perusing the Home Barn site ... they do have some lovely things, thanks for the link Ali.

Magic Bean



Yes. That's why I could never really keep my stuff in a cupboard with glazed doors. It's lovely, though.


Lovely. I have mine crammed into various cupboards. And I agree with you about folding fitted sheets, they're a nightmare!

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