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30 June 2013


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Thomasina Tittlemouse

I really felt for you over the "upgrading" thing! You come across much calmer about it than I would have been!! And six months of photos too..... Eeeek! No wonder your husband felt he had better battle on! Life might have taken a nasty turn if he hadn't won in the end! Your mosaic looks gorgeous so you may feel your camera has not been as busy as sometimes but your images are fabulous - as always! E x

Clare Mansell

A lovely selection of photos. I should start doing something similar, or maybe you should start a linky?

Annie @ knitsofacto

Nothing wrong with cricket photos! And you really do have the handsomest cat :)


I LOVE your mosaics. Especially your very clever ways of capturing your cat!


Love the comment about cricket. So do you not strive for realsim on your blog? Go on, bring them on!!!


ah yes... I think cricket is a time-eating sort of sport. Where does time go????


Great photos Ali. Enjoy the cricket while the sun shines... x

Handmade in Israel

Lovely photos. Were you calm when you thought they were lost? I would have been in a corner, quietly (or not so!) sobbing!!!

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