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03 June 2013


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I just saw this on your Flickr account and commented there too. Odd that the cat likes it so much, perhaps you are right in thinking it is the colour that attracts.


Love it Ali!!! It looked lovely while you were knitting it and it looks even better finished :)


it's really gorgeous...kind of has me wanting to knit, but fingering weight scares me!

Cathryn Clarke

I love this! It's gorgeous. I've just started a jumper too - hoping it'll be nice and straightforward! Fingers crossed!


mmm gorgeous shade of orange. I love the idea but not the effort of knitting. I would rather sew...

walter and me

You clever thing...it's fabulous! Love the pics too. I have to admit to a rather large stash....


so nice!

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

It's lovely, well done!

S x


The internet is indeed a marvellous knitting teacher. I might have to investigate this pattern, it looks utterly lovely.


you finished! it's gorgeous... and is it still as soft as I remember?

Orange is a good colour for you.


Very nice... love the color.


It's very elegant Ali and such a gorgeous colour. I wish I could wear orange


It is a gorgeous looking top. I am intrigued by your knitted pleats. And, yes, how did anyone knit before the internet?


It's gorgeous. I love the colour

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

Totally agree with you about a yarn stash. Love the drape of this top.


Loving all that orange. I'm nervous about knitting from the bottom up as my last effort was still too short for me in spite of adding extra inches. I need to investigate top-down knitting!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Ali, it's absolutely beautiful! Colour, yarn, shape everything! Hope your cat knows what's good for him and keeps his paws off your handiwork! E x

Annie @ knitsofacto

Ooh, I like! Love the colour Ali, that will brighten up any grey days :)


gorgeous, and very useful to have a colour that won't show cat hair!

rusty duck

Oh yes, gorgeous colour. Well done on the pleats, I'd be on You Tube too.

harmony and rosie

Love this, and congratulations on your colour choice, I am way too much of a scaredy cat to go that bright. I bet you look brilliant in your Veera!


Great job but your cat stole my heart. Totally.


Ooh I do love the pleats and the drape. You still have your thing for orange? I'd love to see a scan of someone's brain whilst looking at different colours. It would be fascinating. I've been staring at your jumper and I'd say it makes me feel rather zingy and energetic.

The Coffee Lady

Oh, aren't you clever! I love the way you've arranged the photo so it looks like the door handle is a snazzy bracelet.

That was deliberate, right?


It's absolutely beautiful, Ali. So beautiful, I am going to put it in my Ravelry queue right now. Imitation being the sincerest rom of flattery and all.


Oh, that's just lovely. I can't wear orange, but that's not to say that I don't like the colour.
I love Veera's patterns, I've just finished knitting Bolt, and Turmeric is one of my current WIP's.


Had a look at your favorites list - and have just downloaded Chaleur. It's perfect! Have a load of yarn that I was going to knit into the Bergere poncho, but Chaleur will be much easier to wear. Thank you!!

A Cat From London

I liked this "When can I sleep on it" look!


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