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27 June 2013


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Annie @ knitsofacto

It looks to me like those thoughts flowed! It always seems so inadequate to write 'Loved this post', but I did. And you are so right, some days I love green, or my brindle whippet's tiger stripes, or the exact shade of a banana milk shake.

Is that a rainbow sock I see?


Note to self -don't wear purple next time I see Ali.

You're right though Ali (not about purple) but not being able to settle on a palette. I never could answer the 'what's your favourite colour?' question.


I have no idea what my favourite colour is, it's so dependant on mood, the weather, what the item is, etc... I was once discussing colours with a lady on the train and said I didn't have a favourite until she pointed out the red bag, red shoes, red gloves, red iPad cover... So maybe it's red!

niki thomas

With all your knits, I've always thought how lovely are your colour choices. Yarn decisions seem to be the hardest. I'm with you on purple, it seems to belong best in the floral world. Maybe our colour preferences wander about depending on our day to day moods. (Your last post made me laugh out loud.)

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

I can identify with this a lot, I tend to be a bit of a magpie and be distracted by the latest shiny thing to take my fancy. Colours, styles you name it! Love your post.

S x


I love those rainbow socks! Every colour in them. (although my favourite colour is probably purple. Or perhaps green. Or red.)


Yes Ali, I agree - I sometimes wish I knew with certainty what "my colours" were but then maybe half the fun is the not knowing and the playing around? Absolutely gorgeous rainbow colours in that yarn! x


What a lovely post and such a lovely idea for a collaboration. I shall follow with interest. I don't think I could pick a favourite colour either... although mostly it is hot pink or red.


I just wrote about this so I won't repeat myself... but I feel the same... different colours... different moods... different occasions...

Can't wait to see what you'll come up with!


Purple is one of my favourites, especially teamed with turquoise. You are right though, it does depend on so many factors; except green and red, they are not allowed in my house...

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