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22 May 2013


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It was wasn't it?
I do wish I'd taken my proper camera though.

Vintage Jane

I always find a wander around a big garden or a walk by the sea a tonic for a mind cluttered with minor issues. Lovely photos.

rusty duck

Beautiful Ali. I visited Hidcote years ago and absolutely loved it.


looks heavenly x


A really lovely piece of writing and photography (such clear photos too given the dull day). I have only been to Hidcote once but do remember the great architectural planting.





Alice C

I think that you were the same person but the water you were swimming through got a bit muddy for a while. I'm so glad that you kept swimming!

Magic Bean

Now I am green too...

Anne Marie

Beautiful photos.


Absolutely beautiful pictures, and a beautiful sentiment as well. I think I need a day there too...

The Coffee Lady

I think though, that the visionaries don't do the daily grind of weeding and watering.

What we're short of is lackeys.


Lovely. It looks like a must-visit place.


what a gorgeous garden. Never been. Must go.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Oh how I love Hidcote. It will forever be, however, the only garden we've had to leave because a toddler was throwing a mega tantrum! It just wasn't fair to inflict his 2 year old caterwauling on such a peaceful place!


I think I need a day in a garden like that too.

I never never tire of seeing those boots of yours. Thankyou for these wise, thought-provoking words and gorgeous images, Ali x


Hidcote! I knew I recognised it. The perfect place to regroup.


I've clicked over here via Sue's Quince site and am so glad for that click.

Your photos are lovely, and with your words do remind us of how a walk with the friend can soothe one's soul.

Best wishes.


I'm not sure if you realise, but ALL flickr photos are now visible unless you opt out, so if you have any private ones (photos of children, for example) they are all in the public domain.


Beautiful. I am convinced we need the green sometimes.


I do love a green day. Yours looked just perfect.


Beautiful photos. I can so identify with this post, both on the level of the grand-life plan and the micro actual garden plan (I am struggling with my very rectangular garden at the moment). I would also like to say that happenstance is a favourite word of mine; I am altogether more about the happenstance than the planning!

lucent imagery

Oh gosh, I too find green to be so soothing. Sounds like we've both had some good time out in gardens on the weekends. This one looks stunning through your lovely pictures - shall add it to my list for when next in your part of the world!


Oh Hidcote! Lovely lovely!


Do I get a prize for being the late commenter?! I've had trouble commenting of late but I'm so glad I kept this post as unread and now that I'm back in front of my desktop I can tell you: This is my favourite post of yours, ever, I think. It is even better reading it for the second time when the sun is shining and things don't seem so grey and daunting.

Hidcote is on my places to visit list and I didn't realise it was so close to my bestie up in Warks.

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